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This Fastdomain review site is hosted with Don’t waste time looking at other web hosting review site that only talks about a hosting plan but never experienced using it before. That is the main reason we started this hosted web hosting review site many years ago and back in year 2007. We want to provide 100% real testing environment, provide actual customer demo test site, write unbiased reviews and rating.

Fastdomain reviews introduction. This is a service provider that aim at providing cheap domain registration service. They offer both web hosting service and domain registration at here. Their brand name is targeting users who want cheap domain price and somewhere to host it. It comes right after Bluehost and Hostmonster, this is their third brand names and this one is specifically designed for webmasters looking for budget domains hosting.

Their homepage remain the same for over five years and we are not spotting much new changes from them. However this web hosting company is offering supreme quality cPanel plan and awesomely cheap domain name registration. We know this is true via our many years of reviews and research activity. And we have been hosting here and they’re partnered with Bluehost and Hostmonster to deliver highest quality services. For those signing up today, we have coupon and discount price available in here too.

Is Fastdomain any good? There are many cPanel companies to choose from, but not many of them are offering the whole package at affordable price as found here. They have really affordable cPanel hosting and really cheap domain registration when you need to own more domain names. homepage

Fastdomain reviews on unlimited shared hosting plan. For the pass few years, we only spotted single shared hosting plan from them. There is no uprade option and no alternative available. There is no VPS hosting or dedicated server, or reseller services. They only have one and only unlimited domain hosting plan for signup. This plan allows unlimited website hosting and user can manage these websites via the free cPanel control panel. Besides all the best feature, their hosting package includes some extra bonus features for free. Following are the additional features included:

  1. SimpleScripts installer for automatic scripts setup.
  2. Online forum and bulletin board.
  3. Poll and survey software.
  4. Social networking software.
  5. Image gallery software.
  6. Mailing list and form-mail scripts.

Fastdomain features

Fastdomain reviews on customer support quality. We used to call their customer support team in case of website downtime, its very easy to reach technical person and get those problem fixed right the way. For their live chat service, waiting time might be longer because customer service agents are serving multiple clients at once.

Regardless customer from local or outside US; call their support team via phone call, and speak to either support department or billing department.

For within united state, call their toll-free number as following:

  • Phone number is 8882103278
  • International phone number is 8017659400

Fastdomain reviews on Bluehost Hostmonster comparison. If you’re comparing them with Hostmonster or Bluehost, this comparison review article will be a great help. First thing first, take note that Bluehost is main company that subsidies other two. In another word, these 3 web hosting companies are the same. This explains why they all three offering very identical web hosting features, main different are in price. This is more obvious when reviewing their brand name, reputation and customer service quality.

This hosting is the newest in group and aimed for budget users. They offer good services with good technical support at very low price. Bluehost is most professional provider among all three. They are recommended to professional web users that demand highest server reliability and greatest technical support. Hostmonster is in between and giving a great balance between price and server uptime quality. We have been using all three of them for over five years. If you are interested to learn about their service uptime downtime, do visit our review page for further details.

Fastdomain reviews on overall user rating. Every web hosting company has their own pros and cons. In this web hosting review site, we look into very details and checked their feature list carefully and put some of it into test. From few years experience, we have rated them with a good rating of 8.6/10.

Fastdomain rating

Is Fastdomain Simplescripts installer works?

Fastdomain Simplescripts and Mojo marketplace is integrated free. Gain full-access to one-click application installer and manage your website installs from here. In this Simplescripts, they provide one click install functionality and we can repeatedly install apps of choice without any fees. In Mojo marketplace, there are large collection of themes and templates for purchase. And the price is reasonable and we can browse the gallery while waiting for the installer to complete.

How many free scripts are found in this Fastdomain Simplescripts? We have counted these and it is well over a hundred. There are wide range of open-source scripts available for instant installation and ranging from blog, forum, social network site, wiki, and so on.

Fastdomain with Simplescripts and Mojo marketplace

Is Fastdomain Sitelock domain protection addon worth it?

Do you really need Fastdomain Sitelock protection? Sitelock security is a useful addon product. We prefer plan to be hosted in secure server and safe from hackers and malicious software. We are advising business and eCommerce site to take necessary precaution and choose to protect with this Sitelock security feature. If it has been hacked before or currently facing security threat, this is time to upgrade to this domain protection and detect intrusion at first place.

From cPanel control panel page, we see this Sitelock addon is priced at $19.99/year. With this security addon, choose which website to protect and making sure its safe from virus or hacker intrusion and malicious software attack. They have 4 protection package and the professional plan with automatic malware removal is highly recommended.

Fastdomain Sitelock offer

Is Fastdomain customer website uptime rating good?

Is Fastdomain uptime good or sucks? They promised a 99.9% online availability. Did they keep the promise and delivered this? From our analysis, we found out their service uptime rating is top rated too. For our review site which hosting with them, it shows an overall website availability of 99.69%.

For two other partner site, namely Bluehost and Hostmonster, their service uptime for the same duration are very similar too. Check out Bluehost uptime and Hostmonster uptime and see the difference today.

  • Our website uptime for pass 7 years are 99.69%

Fastdomain website uptime and downtime

Fastdomain speed test rating is superb. Same thing goes here, we test the server speed and check their response time. Checked website speed and see how fast site get loaded. This hosted website with 201 kilobytes in size is with total loading time of 1.86 second. And that is average transfer rate of 108 kilobytes per second.

Is Fastdomain speed fast or slow? With our real website hosted with them here, and with our website speed test carried out so far, we know this server speed is as the following test result.

Fastdomain website speed test

From our Google webmaster account, this review website’s daily statistic is available for pass 3 months duration and we can see the average download speed is below 750 miliseconds most of the time.

Fastdomain Google downloading speed

Is this Fastdomain affiliate program paying?

What is Fastdomain affiliate program all about? They have their own affiliate program or better known as partner program and it pays $65 dollars per successful new customer. If you are having a website that is visited by webmasters or users that requires a web hosting service, this program should be considered. They are offering good amount of sales commission rate and they payout twice in a month. That is the program biggest advantages.

Is this Fast Domain affiliate program paying their customer? Yes, they are belong to a huge company group and definitely they will pay their customer payout. The same program is found in their partner site including Bluehost affiliate and Hostmonster affiliate that pays the same rate. And all three of them are paying their affiliates user that works hard to make a sale.

Get cheap domain, SSL cert and dedicated IP from Fastdomain

Fastdomain new domain price is cheap and only cost $11.99 per year, save $2.00. From domain manager page, we can choose to register for new name. In here we perform domain availability checking and try to find an available domain, the search process is quick and easy to use. They even make suggestion and recommendation if search is no longer available. It is linked to auction page and show us alternative premium choice for purchase. Besides cheap domain price, their domain privacy protection is affordable and priced at $9.99 per year only.

Private SSL certificates is really cheap. Create online shopping store to sell product or services and accept payment online. They are now provide secure server and also shared SSL certificate as well. When collecting personal information, login information, or credit card information, it is crucial to setup HTTPS website and encrypt data transmitted between user browsers to web server. This is when SSL certificate is required and its price is now $45 dollars per year.

Dedicated IP address is cheap too. There is no need to pay over fifty dollars for dedicate IP address anymore. Are you willing to pay such amount? At here, new dedicated IP address is just two fifty per month, or thirty dollars a year. With private IP, website appear isolated from others and this creating a virtual dedicated server environment.

Fastdomain coupon and save 50% signup here

What is the best Fastdomain coupon? This year Cyber Monday, we have seen the biggest promotion and their price is now only $2.95/month. This simply beat the Black Friday sales of $3.95. For this one-day sale, their unlimited hosting is available at following:

  • 36-months term at $2.95/month.
  • 24-months term at $3.95/month.
  • 12-months term at $4.95/month.

Anyone looking to get this offer price should signup within 24 hours and before this Cyber Monday sales ended. Following is the screenshot from their official site showing the discount-price being activated. Use the coupon-link below by clicking on the picture and it will sent you to the right page.

Cyber Monday offer price $2.95/mo

Fastdomain coupon for Halloween sale. This Halloween, we have spotted various web-hosting deals online and one of this is coming from them. It has been a long time and we haven’t seen this $3.95 promotion for their unlimited hosting plan. For this Halloween weekend, we can get this holiday sales and signup for just $3.95. Valid for all first time customer, this introductory offer is valid throughout this weekend only.

Halloween sales at $3.95/mo

Fastdomain coupon $3.95/month. All these years, we have watched various types of promotion took place. Their price have been available with huge saving and near 50%-off discount. For national holiday sales, this web-hosting deal will return and offering the best pricing.

They are having this back to school sale and offers nearly half-price discount. This is $3.95 per month and valid when activated following discount-link by clicking image below (no complicated coupon-code to remember).

Back to school sales

Fastdomain coupon $5.95/month. Take advantage of this promotion today. Just activate the link above and there is password to enter. Get to save up to $24 dollars by following special link above. After this promo has ended, their price will return to the previous $5.95 per month and that is most people are going to pay.

$5.95/mo offer

Fastdomain coupons and cash back rebates. While others are paying regular pricing, get same service at half-price with this rebate link. This is instant direct rebate and no waiting time require. This web-hosting rebate has been valid for several years. Besides that, we also offers cash rebate for your review. Submit to us your unbiased web-hosting review and get rewarded with cash rebates worth $5 dollars.

Cash rebate program

Fastdomain coupons on free marketing credits. And they have been offering marketing advertising credits to new customer with total value of over $200 dollars. From the year 2014, we have spotted the new Twitter-coupon being added here and this mean more marketing ad credits for your signup. Here are what we are getting:

  • $100 Google Adwords and Bing ad credit.
  • Social marketing with $50 Twitter and $50 Facebook credit.
  • Free Yellowpages listing.

Free marketing coupons

Fastdomain site builder review. This is one of the earliest web-hosting company that introduce this type of mobile site-builder integrated into their cPanel control panel. At the very beginning they were charging $4.99 for access to this third party mobile site-builder by goMobi. This tool allow user to create mobile version website which is more compatible for mobile users. This year 2014, we have seen the new pricing being introduced and this website-builder can now be accessed for as little as $2.99 per month only. No coupon-code to activate, this $2.99 pricing is available directly via your cPanel.

Mobile site builder

Fastdomain cPanel account login and access

How to login Fastdomain cPanel account? It’s really simple, account login is performed from the official homepage and via secure access. Or we can use our domain name directly.

They have done a huge modification at the backend and especially on this cPanel software. They have integrated in domain registration and management into cPanel and allows easy management and control. This is all inclusive website management page, one login is all it takes.

Fastdomain cPanel control panel

What is included in Fastdomain cPanel control panel? Besides managing our website files, there are email tools, SimpleScripts apps installer, partners program and free advertising coupon in here.

Is this cPanel similar to Bluehost or Hostmonster? By comparison, their main features and tools are the same. As all three web hosting companies are similar, they are sharing software and using same platform for customer accounts. Here is the Fast Domain cPanel demo and preview.

This unlimited web hosting plan is with all the best feature and it permit multiple website in one user account and it is called unlimited domain hosting. This is a standard feature and more commonly found in cPanel hosting nowadays. This mean customer can register for more domain and host it here in their account.

Fastdomain cPanel and addon domain name. When you need to register for additional domain, they do offer really cheap domain registration and their lowest price is now $11.99, this is $3 dollars cheaper compare to other registrar pricing. In domain manager page, we can perform domain search and purchase any available domain of choice. Once this is completed, it will be added into account and available for management right here.

Using a domain elsewhere and transfer it here. This woks either and we can choose to transfer domain to here if the existing registrar sucks. This mean we can move the domain ownership to here. There is no charges involve and this transfer process is totally free. It takes up to 7-days to complete the transfer.

Fastdomain cPanel and DNS setting. The domain DNS is similar and standard. Some web hosts uses wide range of DNS fields and some even uses private DNS for each server they have. That is a big mess and causes problem in someday. For here, they are using only 2 DNS fields as following:


Fastdomain cPanel and email accounts. The email service is fast and responsive. Their email service is working great and they are offering comprehensive service and spam protection. Unlike most other web hosts, they are offering up to 2500 POP3 and IMAP accounts. Within our account, we can create new email and connected via Outlook Express and use the software to send receive email message.

The outgoing mail server is responsive and quick, no obvious delay of any kind. And the incoming mail server is even better and we can set to auto check incoming mail every 15 minutes and unlikely to get stuck or server error. This is a 100% working email services and recommended for business use.

Fastdomain cPanel and email spam protection. Their email is complete with Boxtrapper and Spam-Assassin that allows user to create white list, black list and verification feature is an effective way to block spam mails. Furthermore, they are partner with Postini a premium spam protection service for a small fee per month.

Fastdomain cPanel and webmail clients. And webmail clients are available in 3 options, namely Horde, Squirrelmail and roundcube. They are not offering Open-xchange webmail right now. From control panel, we choose webmail login and check our email messages online, it works. And at here, we can choose to change to use other webmail program too. In general, the webmail works and we can login, check receive email, and send new messages too.

Fastdomain webmail clients

Quick tips on getting some cheap domains

As the name suggests, a domain name is your unique identity on the internet. No two individuals or organizations can have the same domain name. If you’re running an online business, your domain-name becomes your brand on the internet. In fact, it can also be used as an online business card. A nice domain-name gives your website or email address a professional look.

Basically, a domain-name can be referred to as an addressing construct. Domain-names can identify and find computers on the internet. Every computer uses Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to use the internet. An IP address is a series of numbers, which are used to identify computers on the internet.

However, it can be hard to memorize and remember IP addresses. As a result, domain names were developed so that people could easily remember words and phrases. Instead of numerical IP addresses, people started using easy to remember domain-names.

How to register for a domain name? You can register for a domain-name in two different ways. First, you can register for a domain-name yourself. This can be tiring and time-consuming. Second, you can get your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or web host to do it for you.

If you want to register a domain-name yourself, you will have to choose a Registrar. A Registrar is a domain registration company, which has been accredited by ICANN. These days, you can find numerous Registrars on the internet. As a result, you can easily buy domain-names at affordable prices. Usually, you have to pay on an yearly basis.

As mentioned earlier, you can also get a web hosting company to get a domain-name registered for you. Many web hosting companies also offer domain registration services. A web hosting company registers your domain-name via their own approved registrar.

Registering a domain-name through a web hosting company offers many benefits. First of all, web hosting companies get domain-names registered on a regular basis. Therefore, they have everything ready at hand. Secondly, they save a lot of your time and energy. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with unfamiliar Registrars.

Choosing a domain name for your business. Almost every business needs a website to promote its products, and attract more customers. Getting a domain name is the first step to building a website. Once you have the domain-name for your website, you can start designing a functional website, and promote the business. Here’s some factors to consider while choosing a domain-name for your business :

  1. Stick with .com – The top level domain .com is the most widely accepted extension used for domain-names. This extension is not only easy to remember, but the most common for all kinds of websites. When you ask a person to visit a website, he’s naturally going to think ‘’. Therefore, if it’s possible, you should stick with a .com extension for your domain-name.
  2. Consider other extensions – If you’re able to find a .Com extension for your business website, you should also consider picking up other extensions, including .Org, .Net, .US, .Info and more. You can park these specific domains to point stray visitors to your actual account.
  3. Keyword rich – Even domain-names need to be search engine optimized to enhance your website’s visibility and reach. If people are already searching for something popular in your niche, using the keywords can bring more traffic to the website.
  4. Avoid hyphens – Hyphens can easily make people lost. Moreover, they are also difficult to remember. If YourBusiness.Com has been taken, and you choose, it’s likely that you will lose a lot of customers to Therefore, you should avoid hyphens.
  5. Keep it singular – Just like avoiding hyphens, it’s also important to avoid plurals. You should keep the domain name singular. If YourBusiness.Com has been taken, and you choose YourBusinesses.Com, it’s likely that you will send most traffic to YourBusiness.Com.

In order to make the most of your domain-name, you need to keep such factors in mind. While choosing a domain-name for your business, it’s important to spend some time on research. You should consider a lot of different things to make an informed choice. In case you have a business partner or an ally whom you can trust, you should brainstorm together to come up with a name.

If your website is going to be related to your business, it will be easily to find the name. You will just have to focus on other factors to optimize your domain name and enjoy various benefits. Some of these benefits have been discussed below.

  1. Trust-building – The biggest drawback of running an online business is the lack of face to face communication. People often find it difficult to trust a company, which they have never dealt with. In such a situation, a self-explanatory and genuine domain name becomes a representation of your business.
  2. A domain-name can effectively communicate your goals, and everything about your business in a much sophisticated manner. Therefore, registering a good domain-name is very important for your business. The domain-name should contain your company’s name so that your visitors can relate to it.
  3. Easy communication – As mentioned earlier, a domain-name gives a professional look to your business. Moreover, you can have multiple email addresses and have a positive impact on your clients and customers. Email addresses with your company’s domain-name look more professional than standard email addresses.
  4. Convenience – Unless you choose to get a longer domain-name, it gets easier for your customers to remember the name of your company. They exactly know where to find all the information they need. It is more convenient to remember simple words and phrases than memorizing long strings of numbers.

As a result, you become more accessible to your clients. This leads to additional traffic to your website. Another advantage is that it’s very easy to register a domain name that can give you a higher ranking in search engines.

Needless to say, domain names offer many other benefits. For instance, they increase search engine traffic to your website, provide easy accessibility, make advertising easier and so on. However, it’s important to understand that you need to hire the right web hosting company to register a domain-name. There are many web hosting companies, which offer registering services at affordable rates.