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This Fastdomain review site is hosted. Don’t waste time looking at other web hosting review site that only talks about a hosting plan but never experienced using it before. That is the main reason we started this hosted web hosting review site many years ago and back in year 2007. We want to provide 100% real testing environment, provide actual customer demo test site, write unbiased reviews and rating.


Is Fastdomain any good? This is a service provider that aim at providing cheap domain registration service. They offer both web hosting service and domain registration at here. Their brand name is targeting users who want cheap domain price and somewhere to host it. It comes right after Bluehost and Hostmonster, this is their third brand names and this one is specifically designed for webmasters looking for budget domains hosting.

Their homepage remain the same for over five years and we are not spotting much new changes from them. However this web hosting company is offering supreme quality cPanel plan and awesomely cheap domain name registration. We know this is true via our many years of reviews and research activity. And we have been hosting here and they’re partnered with Bluehost and Hostmonster to deliver highest quality services. For those signing up today, we have coupon and discount price available in here too.

There are many cPanel companies to choose from, but not many of them are offering the whole package at affordable price as found here. They have really affordable cPanel hosting and really cheap domain registration when you need to own more domain names.

Fastdomain review on unlimited shared hosting plan. For the pass few years, we only spotted single shared hosting plan from them. There is no uprade option and no alternative available. There is no VPS hosting or dedicated server, or reseller services. They only have one and only unlimited domain hosting plan for signup. This plan allows unlimited website hosting and user can manage these websites via the free cPanel control panel. Besides all the best feature, their hosting package includes some extra bonus features for free. Following are the additional features included:

  • SimpleScripts installer for automatic scripts setup.
  • Online forum and bulletin board.
  • Poll and survey software.
  • Social networking software.
  • Image gallery software.
  • Mailing list and form-mail scripts.


Fastdomain review on Simplescripts installer. Gain full access to one-click application installer and manage your website installs from here. In this Simplescripts, they provide one click install functionality and we can repeatedly install apps of choice without any fees. In Mojo marketplace, there are large collection of themes and templates for purchase. And the price is reasonable and we can browse the gallery while waiting for the installer to complete.

How many free scripts are found in this Simplescripts? We have counted these and it is well over a hundred. There are wide range of open-source scripts available for instant installation and ranging from blog, forum, social network site, wiki, and so on.


Fastdomain review on security and Sitelock protection. Sitelock security is a useful addon product. We prefer plan to be hosted in secure server and safe from hackers and malicious software. We are advising business and eCommerce site to take necessary precaution and choose to protect with this Sitelock security feature. If it has been hacked before or currently facing security threat, this is time to upgrade to this domain protection and detect intrusion at first place.

From cPanel control panel page, we see this Sitelock addon is priced at $19.99/year. With this security addon, choose which website to protect and making sure its safe from virus or hacker intrusion and malicious software attack. They have 4 protection package and the professional plan with automatic malware removal is highly recommended.


Fastdomain review on customer support quality. We used to call their customer support team in case of website downtime, its very easy to reach technical person and get those problem fixed right the way. For their live chat service, waiting time might be longer because customer service agents are serving multiple clients at once.

Regardless customer from local or outside US; call their support team via phone call, and speak to either support department or billing department.

For within united state, call their toll-free number as following:

  • Phone number is 8882103278.
  • International phone number is 8017659400.

Fastdomain review on affiliate program. What is this affiliate program all about? They have their own affiliate program or better known as partner program and it pays $65 dollars per successful new customer. If you are having a website that is visited by webmasters or users that requires a web hosting service, this program should be considered. They are offering good amount of sales commission rate and they payout twice in a month. That is the program biggest advantages.

Is this affiliate program paying their customer? Yes, they are belong to a huge company group and definitely they will pay their customer payout. The same program is found in their partner site including Bluehost affiliate and Hostmonster affiliate that pays the same rate. And all three of them are paying their affiliates user that works hard to make a sale.

Fastdomain review on Bluehost Hostmonster comparison. If you’re comparing them with Hostmonster or Bluehost, this comparison review article will be a great help. First thing first, take note that Bluehost is main company that subsidies other two. In another word, these 3 web hosting companies are the same. This explains why they all three offering very identical web hosting features, main different are in price. This is more obvious when reviewing their brand name, reputation and customer service quality.

This hosting is the newest in group and aimed for budget users. They offer good services with good technical support at very low price. Bluehost is most professional provider among all three. They are recommended to professional web users that demand highest server reliability and greatest technical support. Hostmonster is in between and giving a great balance between price and server uptime quality. We have been using all three of them for over five years. If you are interested to learn about their service uptime downtime, do visit our review page for further details.

Fastdomain review on overall user rating. Every web hosting company has their own pros and cons. In this web hosting review site, we look into very details and checked their feature list carefully and put some of it into test. From few years experience, we have rated them with a good rating of 8.6/10.


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Siteground Vs Inmotion Hosting – The Battle of The Titans

For the upcoming online entrepreneur, Siteground and Inmotion Hosting are two of the best web hosts you could find in 2015. The two have over the years set themselves apart from the mediocre lot by offering an abundant variety of feature-rich hosting plans, starting from usual shared hosting to the more prestigious dedicated servers.

But, in as much as this two sites are identical in terms of service delivery, in most other aspects they are as different as night and day. For starters, Siteground has made a name for itself in offering affordable and quality hosting solutions. On the other hand, Inmotion Hosting has a reputation for business class hosting products accompanied with excellent customer support.

Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, if you’re in the market for an exceptional hosting service, then there’s no doubt that the answer lies in one of these two.

But which is the better web host? Let’s take a look how these two tech giants compare side by side based on the following criteria.

  1. Features, product range and software.

Both Siteground( started in 2004) and Inmotion Hosting ( began operations in 2001 ) are quite similar in terms of performance and main features. E.g both of them offer dedicated servers, VPS hosting, and Linus-based shared hosting.

However, in the storage space department, Inmotion Hosting trumps Siteground by offering unlimited space while Siteground is still stuck with the traditional 10GB. That means if you’re shopping for a host with ample storage space for your website, then Inmotion Hosting is the way to go.

But that’s not all, with Inmotion Hosting, the business class solution offers free SSD and at least two PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. On the other side of the spectrum, offers you unlimited databases, unlimited data transfers and on top of that, you still get unlimited email accounts.

Both support Perl & Python, PHP, and cPanel control.

  1. Prices and value.

Both web hosts offer fairly competitive prices coupled with attractive discounts and motivating money back guarantees. Siteground is known for it’s three major packages under shared hosting. There’s the Startup which goes for $9.95, the GrowBig at $14.95 and lastly the GoGeek at $29.95 per month. However, new users receive a 65% off during their first month and enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee.

In InMotion Hosting, customers can sign up for any of the three hosting packages; the launch, power, and pro. The three are offered at $7.99, $13.75 and $25.59 per month respectively. In this case, a first-time user enjoys a 56% off in their first month plus a 90-day money back guarantee.

So which of the two you end up choosing, it’s entirely up to your pockets to make the decision.

  1. Customer Support and Service.

It wouldn’t make any sense for an enterprise to offer superior and competitive hosting packages but have a poor or un-co-ordinated support team. Nonetheless, both Siteground and InMotion Hosting live up to their promise of a seamless and excellent support service.

For example in both platforms, the support team is reachable 24/7 via phone, email and also live chats. Both of them have a reputation of having of the most experienced, most knowledgeable support personnel.

In all in all, both companies have a responsive, tactful and highly-skilled support team.

  1. Reliability and uptime.

Again, both web hosts have concrete data handling strategies and backup plans to ensure the viability of the customers’ websites. It is one of the reasons why they are considered the creme de la creme of the market. On that note, Siteground boasts of three data centers; in Illinois, Singapore and Amsterdam. That implies that as a customer, you can choose any of the nearest data centers for a more superior connectivity. Their servers feature software features such as CloudFare CDN backed with SuperCacher for added speed and less downtime.

InMotion hosting has green data centers all over USA’s east and west coasts, which are known for utilizing powerful Dell servers. All their data centers have an integrated SSD, fitted with Max Speed Zone technology and a 24/7 engineers surveillance.

Considering the above top notch operating specifications, both web hosts have the capacity to deliver up to 99.99% uptime.

  1. Company profiles and reputation.

Both companies were started in the early 2000s as highlighted above. However, InMotion Hosting has a more superior A+ BBB rating compared to Siteground’s A- on the same. Nonetheless, both are way above average as far service delivery is concerned. Moreover, over 90% of trusted internet reviews have placed these two at the top cream of web hosting service provision.

View our Siteground hosted review and demo here.

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Fastdomain cPanel account login and access

How to login Fastdomain cPanel account? It’s really simple, account login is performed from the official homepage and via secure access. Or we can use our domain name directly.

They have done a huge modification at the backend and especially on this cPanel software. They have integrated in domain registration and management into cPanel and allows easy management and control. This is all inclusive website management page, one login is all it takes.

Fastdomain cPanel control panel

What is included in Fast Domain cPanel control panel? Besides managing our website files, there are email tools, SimpleScripts apps installer, partners program and free advertising coupon in here.

Is this cPanel similar to Bluehost or Hostmonster? By comparison, their main features and tools are the same. As all three web hosting companies are similar, they are sharing software and using same platform for customer accounts. Here is the Fast Domain cPanel demo and preview.

This unlimited web hosting plan is with all the best feature and it permit multiple website in one user account and it is called unlimited domain hosting. This is a standard feature and more commonly found in cPanel hosting nowadays. This mean customer can register for more domain and host it here in their account.

When you need to register for additional domain, they do offer really cheap domain registration and their lowest price is now $11.99, this is $3 dollars cheaper compare to other registrar pricing. In domain manager page, we can perform domain search and purchase any available domain of choice. Once this is completed, it will be added into account and available for management right here.

Using a domain elsewhere and transfer it here. This woks either and we can choose to transfer domain to here if the existing registrar sucks. This mean we can move the domain ownership to here. There is no charges involve and this transfer process is totally free. It takes up to 7-days to complete the transfer.

The domain DNS is similar and standard. Some web hosts uses wide range of DNS fields and some even uses private DNS for each server they have. That is a big mess and causes problem in someday. For here, they are using only 2 DNS fields as following:


The email service is fast and responsive. Their email service is working great and they are offering comprehensive service and spam protection. Unlike most other web hosts, they are offering up to 2500 POP3 and IMAP accounts. Within our account, we can create new email and connected via Outlook Express and use the software to send receive email message.

The outgoing mail server is responsive and quick, no obvious delay of any kind. And the incoming mail server is even better and we can set to auto check incoming mail every 15 minutes and unlikely to get stuck or server error. This is a 100% working email services and recommended for business use.

Their email is complete with Boxtrapper and Spam-Assassin that allows user to create white list, black list and verification feature is an effective way to block spam mails. Furthermore, they are partner with Postini a premium spam protection service for a small fee per month.

Fastdomain webmail clients are available in 3 options, namely Horde, Squirrelmail and roundcube. They are not offering Open-xchange webmail right now. From control panel, we choose webmail login and check our email messages online, it works. And at here, we can choose to change to use other webmail program too. In general, the webmail works and we can login, check receive email, and send new messages too.

Webmail clients

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Is Fastdomain customer website uptime rating good?

Is Fastdomain uptime good or sucks? They promised a 99.9% online availability. Did they keep the promise and delivered this? From our analysis, we found out their service uptime rating is top rated too. For our review site which hosting with them, it shows an overall website availability of 99.69%.

For two other partner site, namely Bluehost and Hostmonster, their service uptime for the same duration are very similar too. Check out Bluehost uptime and Hostmonster uptime and see the difference today.

  • Our website uptime for pass 7 years are 99.69%

website uptime

Fastdomain speed test rating is superb. Same thing goes here, we test the server speed and check their response time. Checked website speed and see how fast site get loaded. This hosted website with 201 kilobytes in size is with total loading time of 1.86 second. And that is average transfer rate of 108 kilobytes per second.

Is Fastdomain speed fast or slow? With our real website hosted with them here, and with our website speed test carried out so far, we know this server speed is as the following test result.

website speed test

From our Google webmaster account, this review website’s daily statistic is available for pass 3 months duration and we can see the average download speed is below 750 miliseconds most of the time.

Google download speed

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